Our Clients

Our clients (Domestic and International)

(Due to Privacy of the Clients, we cannot disclose the Brand Name/ Company Name of the Clients)

We are associated with more than 500 clients in IndiaDelhi and NCR, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, J & K, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, etc. and in abroad – USA, UK, UAE, Bangkok, Krabi, Phuket, Pattaya, Philippines (Manila and Cebu), Nepal, Sri Lanka, Latvia, etc. functioning the following sectors :

Travel & Tourism
Hospitality (5 Star Luxury Hotels and Spa)
Real Estate / Property Dealer
Corporate Offices
Banks / Financial Institution
Hospitals / Health Clinic / Pharmacists
Landscapers / Florists
Farm Houses
Residential Dwellings
Educational Institutions / Univerty / Colleges / Schools
Malls / Multiplex
Departmental Stores

Vastu Consultancy for Travel & Tourism : We provide vastu consultancy in the sector of travel and tourism by getting them better business opportunities and healing the vastu doshas of their workplace for business growth and finances.

Vastu Consultancy for Hospitality (5 Star Luxury Hotels and Spa) : Hospitality industry requires a good ambiance and environment. We provide a proper vastu consultation for hospitality industry by meeting the their needs and making good aura of their hotels for their clients to be satisfied.

Vastu consultancy for Real Estate / Property Dealers : Real estate agents require construction as per vastu for benefits of the buyers and their overall prosperity and benefit.

Vastu Consultancy for Corporate Offices : Vastu in corporate offices is necessary for a healthy and peaceful working environment. Vastu helps in getting better business growth and opportunities.

Vastu Consultancy for Banks / Financial Institutions : Banks and financial institutions needs to be as per vastu shastra for a proper and accurate cash flow, calculations of debits and credits.

Vastu Consultancy for Hospitals / Health Clinic / Pharmacists : Health industry require vastu at their area for better and fast healing of patients.

Vastu Consultancy for Landscapers / Florists : Landscapers require vastu so as to place the right plants or tree in directions as per vastu to have their healing effects.

Vastu Consultancy for Farm House : Farm houses require vastu for the placements of the open area and the construction area.

Vastu Consultancy for Residential Dwellings : Residents require vastu shastra in their life so as to lead a happy, harmonious, prosperous life with their loved ones.

Vastu Consultancy for Educational Institutions / University / Colleges / Schools : Education sector needs to be build as per vastu norms for tthe betterment of the students studying in their institutions.

Vastu Consultancy for Malls / Multiplex : Malls & multiplexes are constructed as per vastu for better enjoyments of people visiting and shopping in malls.

Vastu Consultancy for Departmental Stores : Departmental stores need vastu at their premises for a better selling of their products, for happy clients.