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dr pankaj verma
Edit Dr. P. VERMA (Founder, Director & Trainer)
MS. SANIYA MITTAL (Director & Trainer)

Dr. P. VERMA  (Founder, Director & Trainer)

Dr. Pankaj Verma is a world famous astrologer, vastu shastri, also known as “Remedy King” and carries more than 23+ years of professional experience in various fields of astrology and vastu. He is widely known for his accurate and precise predictions in astrology and vedic vastu shastra, specializes in reading horoscopes, providing precise remedial measures in vastu and astrology on various issues of life. He is a TV Celebrity too, who has featured on National TV Channels like Saadhna, Pragya, Home Shop 18, Divya, Ishwar, Disha etc. He has also endorsed some jewellery & zodiac gemstone brands on Home Shop 18 Channel. He is into professional consultancy of Vedic Vastu Shastra with expertise in identification of vital points of Vaastu Purush in any Plot / Land / Building, in Map Designing and Architectural Designing with Vaastu Norms. His Vastu Remedial Kits have shown some precise results in Vastu Defects & Vastu Dosh Nivaran. His Vastu Remedies are very precise, with a result oriented approach, in conjunction with age old vedic vastu Shastra techniques and modern scientific vastu tools and remedies. He has also contributed many articles on Vaastu and Astrology published in various leading Astro Magazines. Recently, he has also been honored with an AWARD of PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE in Astrology & Vastu in November 2015 & Best Astrologer Award in March 2016. He is a featured astrologer and vastu consultant with times of india group and on many online spiritual portals and platforms.

He has also been researching in Astro Numerology, Applied Vastu and Karmkand from the past 12 years. He has earned Mastery in Remedial Astrology, Vedic Vastu, Gems Therapy, Rudraksha Therapy, Astro Colour Therapy, Distant Healing & Spritual Healing. Another way he provides remedies to client’s problems is through Aura & Face Analysis, which is an integral part of his standard practice. This proves very helpful in extreme cases, where immediate and effective solutions are needed. He also provides remedies on the basis of Gochar. His focus always remains on common issues like health, wealth, family, harmony and overall happiness, marriage life, progeny, career, education etc. He has expertise in Occult Sciences as well, especially in Vedic Vaastu Shastra along with his regular astrological studies. He has completed his Jyotish courses from many well known institutes like Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), All India Federation of Astrologers Societies (AIFAS), Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan (BVB) etc.

He is famous for having intuitive powers and providing accurate predictions pertaining to your career, financial matters, personal relationships, children, property, business, health, investments etc. His consultations provide extremely accurate & significant insights into different aspects of life, which proved to be of immense help to those who are distressed and depressed. His dedication, efforts and credence has improved the lives of many people worldwide as he believes in giving simple yet effective remedies to his clients by applying his vedic astro experience to resolve various issues of life. This has taken him to a level where people from all walks of life visit him personally and get his precious advice on their family, financial, health and business issues.

His expertise in Predictive & Remedial Astrology, to-the-point analysis of various facts in the field of Education, Litigation, Property, Assets / Vehicle Purchase, Health, Travel, Career and Finances, Relationship Issues, Love, Marriage, Money, Personal Growth, Emotional Trauma, Spiritual Growth, Life Predictions, Romance, Divorce, Children, Longevity, Travel, Annual Predictions, Kundli match making etc. makes him deliver the best in the field of Remedial Astrology & Remedial Vastu. It also gives an in-depth sight into the present and future along with accurate remedies. Analyzing the birth chart with a holistic view ensures accurate predictions in simple and easy way & provides solutions that are helpful.

As a holistic and spiritual healer, his readings encompass all important issues, wherein, he use tarot, astrology, astro-numerology and energy balancing as tools for holistic and spiritual healing. His readings will make you aware of energy patterns surrounding an issue by giving you a clear idea about the past and present influences at home and work. They make one aware of all the available options to choose from and also indicate the future directions of a present situation. This will let one alter one’s lifestyle and thinking patterns to manage one’s future.

Known for his intuitive powers, spiritual connect and healing methods, he is rightly known as the Remedy King in the field of astrology and vastu with his precise and result oriented astro-vastu remedies and solutions. He has also done various siddhis and gained various powers necessary enough for providing the right predictions, remedies and fruitful suggestions at the time of consultations. He also meditates extensively to increase his spiritual and occult powers for the benefit of mankind.


MS. SANIYA MITTAL (Director & Trainer)

Saniya Mittal is a renowned Remedial Vastu Professional, Tarot Reader, Vedic Astrologer & Astro-Remedy Expert. She has an experience of 7 years in these fields. She is healing people through her Astro-Vastu & Vedic remedies. She has the excellent quality of expressing the subject with blessings of her Gurus & Teachers. Her clientele ranges from established businessmen, industrialists to common masses. She is enlightening lives with her education & knowledge. She has been awarded with “Acharya in Vastu Shastra” in 2016 & “Best Vastu Consultant & Tarot Reader” in 2017.

She owns a vast knowledge in various fields, which includes:

• Vedic Vastu Shastra
• Remedial Astrology
• Tarot Reading
• Angel Reading
• Astro-Numerology
• Palmistry
• Angel Healing
• Astro-Color Therapy
• Feng-Shui
• Pyramidology
• Crystal Healing
• Gems Healing
• Reiki
She is a certified Trainer Vastu Professional with Masters in Vedic Vastu Shastra. She prefers visiting Herself at every Vastu site & location, giving her best of the efforts in Remedial Vastu Shastra. She is also teaching Vastu Shastra at various Institutes. Her students are following her path of knowledge. She organizes Vastu workshops, healing therapy sessions & consultation sessions as well.