Regular Courses

Masters in Vastu

Masters Course in Vastu includes the following topics in details-Residential Vastu, Commercial Vastu, Astro Color Therapy, Astro Numerology, Pyramidology, Spiritual Products, Gems Read More

Remedial Vastu Course

Be A Vastu Professional by Applying Accurate & Precise Vedic Vastu Remedies & Solutions for All Types of Problems. This course of Remedial Vastu includes all types of possible remedies Read More

Residential Vastu Course

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage of the Read More

Commercial Vastu Course

Contents to be covered in Commercial Vastu Course are- Fundamental Principles, Introduction, Vastu Purush, Vastu & Astrology, Fundamentals of Workplace Vastu Read More

Astro-Numerology Course

Astro Numerology is all about understanding the art and science of numbers as per our vedas i.e.through astrology. It helps us in all kinds of predictions through DOB & TOB of a Read More

Astro Color Therapy Course

Colors are the important part of everyone’s life. Colors give a specific impression on our minds when we see them. Every color has its own healing energies.Colors also affect the way we Read More

Angel Therapy Course

You are surrounded by loving and powerful angels who want to assist you in every area of your life. It is no coincidence that these beings of light have become so popular commercially Read More

Train The Trainer, Train The Teacher Vastu Certification Program

Being a vastu shastra training provider to some well known personalities related to the field of healing and spirituality, we had the Read More

In-Depth Course on Understanding & Applying the Super Formula of Vastu Shastra

Concept of Super Formula of Vastu, Understanding the Basic Super Formula of Vastu, Bifurcating Line of Vastu, Applying Super Read More