Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) I am an Interior Designer. How can this course help me?

Ans: At VastuTree.com, we have a course, specially formulated for Interior Designers, (For Interior Designing students & those who are practising as Interior Designers
In this course you will be taught how the concepts of Interiors match the concept of Vastu.
How to establish Basic principles of Interiors like- Balance, Rhythms, Emphasis, Proportions, Unity, Forms, Shapes, Spaces, Movements, Patterns, symmetry etc.. Are these principles match anywhere with Vastu and can the complement each other?
What are the similarity and differences in the basic principles of Interiors and Vastu? How they go together and at what level. How to achieve the level of Functionality of a place with the Principles of Vastu.
the similarities of Vastu & Interiors.
Learn the dissimilarities of Vastu & Interiors
What is the functioning of interiors for a place?
What is the functioning of Vastu for a place?
How to provide a co-ordinal environment to a client using principles of both Vastu & Interiors.
Thus making them enjoy the benefits of both for their happy, contended, harmonious life, where they always bless you for designing a better place.

Q2) Can I do my own practice after doing your course?

Ans: Surely you can start Practising as a Vastu Consultant after the completing the course.
The Mission of Vastu Tree is -To Impart Knowledge about the application of right vastu for peaceful living.
You can also obtain the ‘Certificate of Practice’ from Vastu Tree as a ‘Vastu Professional’.

Q3) Can Vastu Knowledge help me in my daily life?

Ans: Vastu Tree provides the extensive insight into the roots of its emergence application, practicality and result oriented techniques.
Vastu Tree gives holistic Training to individuals to groom their Intellect to deal with Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional & Finance aspect of life, for healings related to specific problems & day-today issues.
Vastu Tree teaches Vastu in a way that one learn a new edge of Living, by having better knowledge of harmonious, peace full, contented ‘Art of Living’.

Q4) Will I be able to help others after doing Vastu course?

Ans: After learning Vastu course from vastu tree you not only become a Vastu Professional but also become a more wiser matured person who understand the surrounding & behaviours better than before and thus can help yourself and others in better & wiser way.

Q5) Is Vastu practical & logical?

Ans: Yes the Science of Vastu is practical & logical Science, Science of action & their reaction from various objects, their placements, their orientations, time geography, individuals, their cultures, religion etc., to one’s personality, behaviour, thinking process, success, career, income & expenditure, inclination towards something, likings & disliking to health issues & to education etc.
Vastu teaches the art of Living when we lean Vastu we will know how to live happy and harmony, peaceful & contentment in lives.

Q6) Where shall be the main gate/door of the house?

Ans: The main door of the house should be either in East or in North direction. As per Vastu Shastra we can place main door for entrance in any of the 4 directions in a residence or commercial place. While placing the door, we should take care of the direction & its placement, as it requires the minute calculations. It should also be checked, whether the direction chosen suits the owner of the house or not.
However for a layman, N & E directions are recommended as they are positive direction & are safe directions. Though, one should consult a proficient, professional Vastu Consultant.

Q7) Which Direction is the ideal for keeping the toilet?

Ans: The toilet should be placed in either, West of North West (WNW) or in South of South West (SSW).

Q8) What Colour should be used to prevent the house from any diseases?

Ans: Colours are very important & makes very deep effect on person’s physiology & behaviour but it alone cannot fully eradicate the diseases in a house. Though the ‘Colour- Therapy’ is also used as one of the helping tool in Vastu Remedy.
Diseases occur due to Vastu defects & movement of stars, which can be treated or cured through Vastu Therapies. Too much of Red, Orange colours are not good for residence. The dark shades could be used only in little quantity to create a change of mood of a place.

Q9) Which Direction the house should be located?

Ans: When we ask for “Which direction a house should be located” we mean ‘Which is the right direction for a house to face’?
The best direction is East facing for a house, then the North direction & then any other direction as per other considerations.
The mode of the livelihood of the persons living in the house is also one of the major factor for the determination of ‘Facing of the House’.
East/ North facing house with good opening in front of the house, is considered as the best direction.
There’s a Saying that having South facing house is dangerous & harmful for the residents, it’s a myth. I have seen many houses where they have a South facing house & are better off then before.
Eg. The alcoholic owner, left drinking after shifting in a South facing house. Thus saying any direction is bad is not right.

Q10) If there are 8 members in house, then how many bedroom & toilets should be there?

Ans: If there are 8 members in a house and there are no couples amongst them then there should be 8 bedrooms only.
Having attached toilets & bathroom is the utmost requirement of today’s time.BUT if we go by Shastra norms, it says that toilets should be outside the building but in same plot in a specified direction only.
Basically there are two (2) directions where the Toilets can be placed WNW, SSW. If the toilets are placed in NNW/SSW sectors then they can be attached or some common toilets can also made be there.

Q11) How can we make Water more clean & pure by Vastu?

Ans: Clean, pure Drinking water is of major requirement of today’s world. Earlier the lake water was very sweat & clean but today even the sacred river (Ganga) is also so dirty that even after long cleaning process some or the other contaminations still remain there.
IS the Bislary water the solution? No, in India a common man cannot afford Bislary water for his daily usage.
In flat system, the digging of the ponds or any other water bodies is not possible. So the tap water is the only solution what we can, filter or RO & use.
When the water is filtered & stored, some leaves of Tulsi along with vastu tree Yantra products can be added to it. The cleaned charged drinking water then can be taken out from filter & kept in a copper pot in NE direction thereby adding more auspicious energy to the water, and making it as more healthier and a healing tool.

Q12) What type of Toilets & Kitchens should be made?

Ans: The layout of the Toilets & Kitchen should be most comfortable & in right direction as per Vastu Shastra.
The right placements of Toilets & Kitchen in a residence decide the age of positive & negative effects on residents. There are many small points to be taken care, while preparing Kitchen & Toilet. As Kitchen- is a place which provides the ‘Building Strength’ to every individual of house in form of Food. Toilet is a place where we lose the dirt & tension of our life. If they aren’t comfortable & in right directions then releasing of tensions shall not be there and one will be accumulate them, resulting in diseases, disharmony & many other problems.

Q13) If a child is mentally disturbed then what shall be done?

Ans: If a child is mentally disturbed then firstly the reason of his disturbance shall be known. The degree of his disturbance is also to be studied carefully. If a child is inclined towards the Godly aspects then his room should be shifted in NE corner. But it shall be taken care that he doesn’t spend more than 10 hours there at a stretch. If his bedroom is shifted in NE direction then study room should be in East. If his Bedroom is in East then his study room should be in NE direction. He should sit in early morning & should study at least for 3 to 4 hours. But If your child is more into worldly matters then he should study in South direction facing East, for 3 to 4 hours in a day. His bedroom shall be East direction where he can have his study table in North East Direction facing North.

Q14) Which is the best place to buy a plot?

Ans: The plot which is surrounded by lustrous greenery & huge open space. Preferably greenery in east or North direction where the shopping complex is not within the aura (magnetic field) of your house says about 10meters. The surrounding shall be such that after going there one should feel highly pleased. This is the simplest way of checking the plot’s location. Though our Shastra talks about many point nearly about 24 points in broad.