About Us

Vastu Tree gives Holistic Trainings to individuals to groom their Intellect to deal with Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Financial aspects of life. It has also diversified into grooming Communication and Professional Effectiveness Skills of individuals to meet the challenges of life at work and home. Vastu Tree is Educating Vastu and Giving insights into the roots of its Emergence.

Mission of Vastu Tree is to create awareness of Ancient Vedic Science of Vastu in every home, office and life of Individuals.

 Aim of Vastu Tree is to create Millions of Vastu Professional throughout the world and make this as an integral part of Architecture, Real Estate and Construction and all kinds of Designing Units to build and create Vastu Compliant Structures and Interiors worldwide.

Vastu Tree aims at giving a healthy environment to everyone who intends to live a peaceful & harmonious life. This great Science of Vastu, if applied properly, incorporates the right way to live in a dwelling.

Its a team of Professional Practicing, Educating and Researching Vedic Vastu Shastra from last 20 Years.

This team has developed extensively researched, tested and result oriented Training Courses in Vedic Vastu and Related Branches of Vastu.

Vastu Tree Pioneers in the study of Predictive Vedic Vastu and providing remedies without demolition.

It imparts Holistic Trainings to Individuals to groom their Intellect to deal with Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Financial aspects of life.

Vastu Tree excels in Teaching and Healing the Spaces through Vastu.

While studying under the Brand of Vastu Tree, student’s mental level transforms to become a better a wiser human being. They start understanding Mother Nature and hence start respecting its essence. Their life becomes much simpler and they are motivated to move towards the betterment of humanity in any form. Instead of fighting and cribbing they start moving with the flow of nature, thereby bringing a healing effect all around themselves.

The founder of Vastu Tree has done long and in depth study with extensive research & experiments in this field to provide very precise scientific healing tools & Vedic Methods to rectify all types of problems and issues related to directions, Vastu, Geopathic stress, Aura, Placements and Architecture of a Residential dwelling & Commercial establishments. Vastu Tree has evolved with many Vedic Scientific Remedies which Heal People/Individuals & the Spaces without Demolitions.