Power of Vastu

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Follow Us: Power of Vastu Through Vedic knowledge of Vastu – Vastu Tree can heal: Finances All types of Relationships Status in Society Spiritual Growth Ancestral Property Spirits Black Magic Accidents Wealth Health Career Workers Employees Children related issues like- their health, their education, their career etc. Females of houses/ women in house, their all […]

Vastu Tree’s Services

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Follow Us: We are the pioneers in Vedic Vastu shastra. We heal people through our consultation services and also by educating people and bringing awareness in them about Vedic Vastu Shastra and other occult therapies, which are described in our Vedas and Puranas. Through our organization, we educate people about Vedic Vastu science and other […]

What is Vastu?

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Follow Us: Vastu is combination of two words VAS + TU It deals in the study of residing in a place (i.e. VAS) of any Living or Non Living matter e.g. Human Beings, Animals etc., i.e TU. Vastu is a logical, rational, practical combination of many sciences together. Vastu is a science that includes the […]


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Follow Us: Special Puja Special pujas are done for peace and harmony in the house for better living of house mates. Eg:- grah-shanti puja, nav-grah puja, etc.   Spiritual Therapy Spiritual therapy is done by using spiritual products for the rectification of vastu which helps in better well-being of inmates. Eg:- Aak ki jad, etc. […]