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Vastu Remedies for Kitchen

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Vastu Remedies for Kitchen
And its drawback as per different directions.
One of the biggest questions raised in Vastu is Where Should Kitchen be Placed while planning for a new house/dwelling. And everybody knows the answer i.e. in SE Corner, the Agneya Kone.
But there are other FAQs, which are as follows:
There is no 2nd best direction for kitchen. The best one is SE only i.e. Aagneya Kona. But in case if you have issues n cant construct it there, then the other one can be East. But there will be side effects as well. Food may get over cooked or burn sometimes. It can give stomach / digestion issues to the children of the house.
#. What if Kitchen is in any other Direction?
Kitchen in NE will make you shameless, residents will stop worshipping n believing in god, stop respecting elders n each other. It will reduce luxuries, peace n harmony. Create mental disorders, results in fights & problems to male members.
Kitchen in North will give heavy financial losses, instability of mind, monetary issues, and as said “vinaash kaale vipreet budhi”. Will also give stomach, digestion, & brain related diseases n issues.
Kitchen in NW can create havoc. There is always a fear of fire at home, cylinder blast, gas pipeline leakage (aag ka faelna ya ghar me aag lagna), more usage of fuel, electricity or gas, problem to ladies & females of the house, specially the youngest ones, sour relationships among all, bad public relations, defamation, wrong perception and notions by masses against the residents, will get no reasons for mis-happenings, problems to newlywed / young couple, problem in conceiving, unnecessary delay in marriage & females suffer the most.
Kitchen in WEST can burn your Career and Professional Life. It can result in Court Cases, Litigations, Problems in Profession, Problems with Labour and Work Force.
Kitchen in SW can leave you with no authority on your work force and on others. It creates problems with administration authorities, give unknown fears, can burn your reputation and official relationships, corporate level problems, fear from underworld, evil effects, and mis-happenings for which you will never get a sound reason.
Kitchen in South gives Overall Instability, unnecessary fights, accidents, blood shed, misunderstandings, misuse of kitchen tools, and stubborn behavioural patterns.
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