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Vastu Consultancy For Home | Residence | Bunglow | Flat | Apartment

Master Formula of Vastu

Your Basic Details Needed:

#. Your Full Name
#. Your Gotra (if known)
#. Your Current Address with Country
#. Map of the House / Flat / Bungalow
(A Rough Handmade Map will also work)
#. Kundali of All The Residents of the House (If Available)
NOTE: Rest of the Minute Details will be taken by telephonic discussion after the
Confirmation & will be personally taken care of by Dr. PANKAJ VERMA himself.

Send Us All The Above Mentioned Details & Map (if possible) on Our Email Id:
(For Any Other Related Query, Send Us The Details Through Our CONTACT US Form)

1,39,000/- INR

Includes Vastu Consultancy + Complete Vastu Remedies
(All Currencies of the world are accepted here. Overseas Clients can pay us through any mode
of money transfer including Online Bank to Bank Transfer, Money Gram, Western Union & Xoom)

Description & Contents of Vastu Package for Homes

Dr. Pankaj Verma is a well known celebrity astrologer & a world renowned personality, having more than 26 years of experience in the field of vedic vastu shastra. His innovative approach and proven techniques in remedial vastu has simplified the way vastu is done without demolition. He has served more than 50,000 clients worldwide in his career span of more than 2 decades now.

As a part of this package of VASTU FOR HOMES, there is no need to demolish or do any structural changes in your dwelling. All the Vastu Remedies will be done and applied at your residence only.  It will remove all negative energies in the house, creates a positive aura around, rectifies the directional vastu flaws and placemental issues, removes geopathic stress and activates the Brahmasthaan of the house. It will neutralizes negative energy fields of the house as well. Its a complete package of all vastu corrections and vastu remedies for your residence in one go. 

Vastu for Home Includes:
#. Complete Map Analyzation
#. Installation of Full Remedial Vastu Kit for complete vastu dosh nivaran at your residence
#. Placemental Changes, if required
#. Customized Vastu Remedies Specially Formulated & Energized for your dwelling as per the issues and hardships faced by the residents.
#. Most Recommended Colors to be used as per Astro-Color Therapy
#. Most Recommended Numbers to be used as per Astro Numerology
# Recommended Metals & Directional Enhancements Needed
#. Secret Programmed Vastu Remedy for Shuddhi, Cleansing, Charging, Activating & Energizing Positive Energy Fields in the house.
#. Whatsapp Support & Telephonic Discussions will also be provided for Outstation & Overseas Clients.
#. Free Shipping & Delivery of vastu remedies and remedial vastu kit all over India
#. Overseas Shipping (to all countries worldwide) costs $60 only.


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VASTU FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques: This Package includes Both Vastu Remedies & Suggestions?
Ans: YES, it includes both.

Ques: Is this Vastu without Demolition? Do I need to do structural changes & re-construction?
Ans: No. Not at all. There is no need for any demolition or any construction. 

Ques: All the required vastu remedies are included in the package?
Ans: Yes. All the remedies required are included in this package. Its a complete vastu dosh nivaran kit, specially formulated according to the vastu doshas at your home.

Ques:  From where should I buy the remedies & what is the cost of vastu remedies?
Ans: There is no need to buy any remedy from anywhere. Everything needed to rectify vastu dosh at your residence is already included in the kit. You dont have to worry about anything.

Ques: I dont know how to use the remedies you provide. How will I do it?
Ans: You do not have to worry for installation or application of remedies at your home. We will guide you with everything as the process is very simple. Even a child can do it. Its just the placement that matters. You will be provided with a set of simple instructions including the day, date and time to start using this kit. Otherwise our lifetime support is always there for you. You will automatically become a member of our Elite Vastu Club! 

Master Formula of Vastu Shastra


If you feel and observe that you are not feeling comfortable at home / office or not feeling good, then it’s a hint that you should get alert and be aware about the peace and harmony of your house or workplace. Here are the facts which matters while evaluating the bad VASTU of your house or workplace:

If you feel tired, feel unnecessary fear when alone, unusual headache and uneasiness without any reason, illogical arguments and fights, loss of energy, irregular working and sleeping patterns, feeling weak and falling ill frequently, career / business issues, declining sales, relationship issues, increase in office or household expenses, maid or worker issues, labour problems, unexpected losses and diseases, overall unhappiness, unexpected accidents, sudden deaths, scary incidents in the premises, loss due to fire or theft, etc.

These are the hints which clearly shows the BAD VASTU and the BAD AURA of the house/dwelling/premises. You need an immediate vastu remedy which can heal and cure all these issues in one go. This becomes especially true, if you can see the recurrent problems, but actually fail to pin point a definite cause.

It can be a result of bad vastu, absent or weak AURA in and around your home. Generally people are unaware as how to protect their homes, dwellings, premises, offices or workplace from negative and evil forces, because many people do not know about this vital fact and the answer to such an issue lies in vastu. People get tired of end number of problems which keep on popping up on daily basis and every now and then, disrupted routine, irregular living patterns of the family members and the employees.

One should remember that negativity in any form can harm the human energy field around and damage the POSITIVE AURA of your house or workplace. Negativity can be in any form like prejudice, enmity, jealousy, competition, rivalry, heated arguments, depression, fear, evil eye, anger etc., resulting in damaging the peace and harmony and happiness of your home or workplace. Our environment has all sort of energies. Keeping a balance between all energy fields at home or workplace is very important. Other reasons can be black magic, psychic attacks and other type of hidden negative energies present in the premises. Good Aura and right application of Vastu Correction Tools makes them channelize and re-channelize it for the benefit of the dwelling. Creating a loop of for channelizing auspicious aura and positive energies is at the utmost priority for a good vastu living.

Vastu Dosha can be of many types. There can be a vastu dosha created by humans, naturally occurring vastu doshas and due to existence of bhoot-pret, evil spirits and ghosts at the dwelling. All these vastu doshas individually or collectively can be present due to inconsistent and ghrasit centre of gravity or brahma sthaan, disturbed magnetic field and magnetic pole radiations, extremely bad aura in and around, electromagnetic radiations, environmental and geopathic stress, inconsistent temperature and gravitational pull, directional wind flows, inauspicious energy grid patterns and other astrological and vastu doshas.