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Rahu and Ketu Astrology

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Rahu and Ketu Astrology
In astrology, Rahu and Ketu Aue
And who are the sum of: –
Rahu in English called Dragon Head Hakpuranik texts Hakketu it said the head of the serpent with the ominous sum makes it Kalsarpa it being so different in different planets and space Yoga is different builds.
Ashtlkshmi Yoga – Ashtalakshmi yoga
Vedic astrology planet known as Rahu natural sinful any amount of this planet and hence the amount is the amount that the owner or the sixth sense located in the fruit and Hakrahu in the center is the master and the sum Ashtlkshmi (Ashtalakshmi yoga), a good yoga forms. Ashtlkshmi yoga (Ashtalakshmi yoga) Rahu in full nature forsaken their sin like Guru gives good fruit. Ashtlkshmi yoga (Ashtalakshmi yoga) the person’s horoscope is loyal to God, he becomes quiet personality Hakinka Haklkshmi am.That get fame and respect is Divine grace on them.
Ascendant factor Yoga – Lagna Karaka Yoga
Rahu in formulations by auspicious ascendant factor sum (Lagna Karaka Yoga) is also the name of the principal. Ascendant factor sum (Lagna Karaka Yoga) Aries, Taurus and Virgo ascendant horoscope of those forms while Rahu II, in the ninth or tenth house is not a factor for which the sum of the individual horoscope Ascendant (Lagna Karaka Yoga) is present inauspiciousness of Rahu is not faced. Rahu good factor for them is less likely to crash, which works best for Health Economic situation is good and happy lives.
Definition Yoga (Paribhasha Yoga)
The sum of the individual horoscope Rahu definition (Paribhasha Yoga) makes the person he is free from anger yoga horoscopes Rahu in the Ascendant Rahu in the built-in or third when, in the sixth or eleventh present and the definition of auspicious planetary conditions Hokrahu sum (Paribhasha Yoga) Health provides economic benefits to the person retains the exquisite work of this sum easily become affected person.
Fraud yoga (Kapata Yoga)
Two sinful planet Rahu and Saturn in the horoscope, respectively VI, XI and falsely attend yoga (Kapata Yoga) causes for which the sum of the individual horoscope fraud (Kapata Yoga) is created for the person anyone selfishness is going to betray the trust of those who repent Kinpr must respect people regardless of whether the front but in Huday sense to them remains low.
Vampire Yoga – Pishach Yoga
Vampire yoga (Pishach Yoga) by Rahu in formulations Hakpishac lowly sum sum (Pisach Yoga) is the horoscope of the person who easily gets the victim of obstruction of these phantom power lack mental Hakinki situation remains weak, they are easily swayed by others Hankinke keeps coming to mind unpromising ideas sometimes sit harm herself.
Chandalas yoga (Chandal Yoga or Guru Chandal Yoga)
Chandalas yoga (Chandal Yoga) is formed by the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu. Chandalas yoga (Chandal Yoga) is regarded as unlucky planet. Chandalas yoga (Chandal Yoga) is built into the person’s horoscope Rahu suffer the effects of sin. Chandalas yoga (Chandal Yoga) face financial constraints in labor bias remains Haknic minds lacks faith in God.
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