Vastu Diviner | Vastu Remedy for East Direction | Study Room | Children Room | Activity or Sports Room




Secret Programmed Vastu Diviner. A Vastu Remedy for EAST Direction.

It can be placed in the East Direction anywhere. You can place it or hang it as well.

Good for Infants and Children. Place it in Study Rooms, in the Bedroom of the Child or a Student, Study Room, Children Room, Activity or Sports Room

It will rectify and heal all the vastu dosha in the east direction, activate study and education house of the child, balance the positive energies, kill the negative energies, and create peace and harmony. It will give immense power to the child to excel in their studies, creates positive aura around and always make children feel active and high at energy.

Note: It is Specially Formulated and Secret Programmed Orange Color Diviner by Vastutree for best results. Please ask for best day date and time for start using this miraculous vastu correction tool by