In-Depth Course on Understanding & Applying the Super Formula of Vastu Shastra



Duration: 1 Day Course
Certification Provided: Yes
Qualification Needed: Undergraduate or Above

Required: Prior Knowledge of Basic Vastu Shastra

Key Features & Benefits of the Course:

#1. Concept of Super Formula of Vastu
#2. Understanding the Basic Super Formula of Vastu
#3. Bifurcating Line of Vastu
#4. Applying Super Formula of Vastu in every Dwelling / Establishment
#5. Bleeding Points of Super Formula of Vastu
#6. Pros & Cons of Not Following Super Formula of Vastu
#7. Use of Super Formula of Vastu in Reductions & Extensions
#8. Usage of Shapes Differential in Super Formula of Vastu
#9. Golden Points to remember in Super Formula of Vastu
#10. Vastu Consultation & Vastu Practice Made Easy with Super Formula of Vastu
#11. Residential & Commercial Bifurcations
#12. How to Use & Apply Super Formula of Vastu in Mix Land Usage for Residential Purpose & Official Commercial Purpose at One Place
#13. Universal Application of Super Formula of Vastu
#14. How to Connect Super Formula of Vastu with Modern Scientific Vastu
#15. How to Connect Super Formula of Vastu With Demolition, Without Demolition & Remedial Vastu with Vastu Correction Tools

Dr. Pankaj Verma (Vastu Professional & Consultant, Remedial Vastu Expert, Spiritual Healer, Energy Healer)

He is having a dedicated career of 24 years in the field of vastu shastra and vedic astrology. He is the Founder of various therapies and concepts like Astro-Color Therapy, Astro-Numerology, Bifurcating Line of Vastu, Super Formula of Vastu, Remedial Vastu without any Side Effects etc.