Vastu Cosultancy – Vastu for Showrooms, Shops, Company Outlets

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Vastu for Shops is more sale oriented vastu where the focus is on:

Overall Output, Maximum sales generation, Quality clientele and customers, Name & fame, Reputation of the shop keepers, Branding of products, Rotation of Money, Sales force and staff, Stock Management, Higher Profits, Protection from Losses, Long Term Stability.

Apart from these points, we do consider taking into account the location of the shop and its surrounding marketplace, commercial viability, size and shape of the shop, slope, height, entrance, placement of windows, toilets, pantry or kitchen, products display, cashier, any extensions or cutouts, if any, mandir or puja room, cash box, strong room, stock room, overhead beams, stairs, air conditioner, electronic equipments, ducting, color scheme etc.