Vastu Consultancy – Vastu for Love, Married Life, Relationships

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When we talk about vastu for love, relationships and or married life, we talk about everyone who wants to enhance happiness in their married life or love life or various relationships. Generally people are not having happiness with unexpected outcomes in their lives and go for remedies which are not professionally prescribed, hence giving wrong/negative results or no results at all.

Vedic Vastu is the most sacred science which creates harmonious stress free living, peaceful work environments and supports overall success, even in married or love life, i.e. in bedroom also. Its the bedroom where we spend one third of our life span. Hence it is an extremely important factor in our overall health and bedroom relationships. Every individual on this earth, whether single or married, needs luck in relationship, romance and love. Our ancient indian vedic vastu shastra can be used to create and enhance harmonious and stress free living in married life, igniting romance and depth in love, make relationships more enjoyable and develops unbreakable bond with the partner. These are the points to be taken care of while doing vastu for love and relationships:

Issues prevailing in the house, Main Building, Entrance, Shape & Size of the plot, Colors used, Washrooms/ Toiltets, Bathrooms, Lightings & Illuminations, CG & Space Element, Placement of Mirrors, Water bodies, Metal, Vibrations, Hartmann Lines, Geopathic Stress, EM Wavelengths, Energy Patterns, Clutter, Greenery, Placement of Indoor Plants, Electrical Equipment, Bedroom Entry, Bedroom Furniture, Bedroom Fitments, Electronics, AC & Fans, Placement of Bed, Shape of the Bed, Size of the Bed, Color of the bed, Accessories Used, Accessories Shape, Accessories Size, Accessories Color, Bedroom Storage, Dressing Table, Open Space in Bedroom, Windows in Bedroom, Electrical Points, Almirah & Drawers, Overall size of the Bedroom.

All these points when analyzed and corrected, concludes the vastu of the dwelling or bedroom which connects to one’s love life, romance, married life or relationships.