Vastu Cosultancy – Vastu for Health, Protection and Healing of Chronic Diseases

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The proverb “health is wealth” holds a rational meaning in vedic vastu science as vastu has laid down some important guidelines to be followed by people and masses for good health and to remain in best of the spirits. It is preferable to take professional vastu advice from a Vedic Vastu Expert specially if any of the family member is suffering from prolonged illness or disease, that has not even been diagnosed properly. It may be due to a vastu defect with the setting or the placement of things in the house. Analyzing certain vastu pressure points and guidelines can help in preventing illness and diseases and promote good health. These are as follows:

Entrance, Main door, Bedroom, Toilets, Washrooms/bathrooms, Mandir inside, North east, South west, Kitchen, Stairs, Store room, Water bodies, Color scheme, Bedroom placements, Geopathic stress, Hartmann Net, Curry Grid, Energy Patterns, CG & Space Element, Topography, Open Area, EM Wavelengths, Ghostly Activity, Ion Status, Kitchen, Stress Points, Aura, Air Quality.

All these points collectively when analyzed and rectified through our ancient indian vedic vastu will give tremendous results in the health of the family members who are suffering from any chronic diseases and ailments.