Vastu Cosultancy – Vastu for Restaurants, Cafe and Coffee Shops

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A restaurants main entrance should face north or east, auspicious directions for food-related businesses. In a north-facing restaurant, the cashier should sit in the north-west quadrant facing east. In a south or west-facing property, the cashier should occupy the south-west quadrant and face east .In an east-facing restaurant, the cashier should face north or face east.

Vastu in Restaurants is generally being connected with its ambience. But it is not at all connected with its interiors. Not every restaurant prospers or attracts visitors to its premise and this can be due to Bad Vastu. A Vedic Vastu compliant restaurant not only succeeds in luring customers but can also earn reputation which is a strength for every business. Food joints, barbeques, food shops and restaurants should always be constructed following Vastu rules so that it can gain higher profits and prosper well.

Here are the Vastu Points which are needed to be analyzed while doing vastu of restaurants:

Location, Roads & Surroundings Around, Main Entrance, Reception, Seating Arrangement, Lighting and its placements, Pantry / Kitchen, Placements in the Pantry, Washrooms, Toilets, Storage Room, Water Source, Food & Cold Storage, Ventilation, Cashier & Cash Drawer, Pillars & Beams, Staff Room, Colour Scheme.

Other placements to be taken care of are generators, invertors, geyser, electrical equipments, shape, slope, height, windows, stairs, AC, raw material, furniture, staff and guard rooms, underground and overhead water tanks, waste disposal and septic tank etc.