Vastu Cosultancy – Vastu for Hotels, Resorts, Recreational Centres

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A hotel’s main entrance should face north or east, auspicious directions for hospitality businesses. Generally hotel needs good infrastructure to attract generous visitors, thus boosting the profits in order to make hospitality a more soothing affair. Vastu plays a vital role in inviting guests and making profits as the placement of hotel and directions of specific room in hotel are directly linked to the guest’s arrival. If infrastructure of hotel is incorrectly made then it will surely not fetch as much guests and profit the way it should make. Hotels must be constructed by taking some essential Vastu guidelines so that it should never remain without customers even after building a luxury hotel. In the hotel and hospitality services, the kitchen requires a large space, good light and ventilation. The main things to be considered while running a successful hotel venture are its hospitality, ambience, rooms, kitchen and its related services. All electrical appliances like ovens, grinders and mixers used in kitchen, store room, location, typography, geography, buildup area, directions and open area in the hotel should be analysed and we recommend few remedies to nullify the negative effects of wrong directions and placements.

Here are some of the points to be analyzed and rectified while doing vastu for a hotel:

Shape of the plot, Total buildup area, Open area, Location, Entrance, Roads around, Beams & Pillars, Basement, Underground Placements, Illumination, Ventillation, Kitchens and walk-in freezers, Placement of equipments, Lobby, Guest Rooms, Balcony, Toilets and Bathrooms, Slopes and Heights, Windows, Parking, Office, Administrative Blocks, Reception, Stairs, Swimming Pool, Garden, AC Plant, Water Bodies, Lift, Stairs, Waste Disposal or Septic Tank, Underground / Overhead Water Tank.

These aspects should be taken care of and rectified well if pre-constructed to create a harmonious environment good for churning out maximum profits and should become vastu compliant as well. Commercial activities like Internal Shopping Blocks or Shops should also be placed and constructed as per the vastu norms, which gives more branding and clientele for the hotel.