Vastu Cosultancy – Vastu for Hospitals

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Hospital structure should be vastu compliant both for the benefit of patients who come there for treatment of various ailments and for doctors as well, who give their best to treat their patients for their recovery. People coming there for recovery must get recover early with all the positivity prevailing in the hospital campus. Ambience should be such as if they should not feel any negativity around. Hospitals should not be constructed without considering the right direction, location, typography, surroundings etc. This is the major reason behind the late recovery and problems faced by patients and doctors. Vastu complaint hospital is one built with essential guidelines and norms such as:

Proper location, Rooms Directions, Ambience, Typography of plot, Surroundings around, Exteriors and interiors, Operation Theatre (OT), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU), Waiting Area, Resting Area, Medical Equipments, Ventilations, Doctors Rooms, Nurse rooms, Nursing Area, Pantry, Canteen, Toilets, Washrooms, Maternity or labour room, Emergency Area, Patient’s Beds, Temple Area, Windows, Water Boring, Furniture, Waste Disposal / Septic Tanks, Dust Bins, Staff Quarters, Parking Bay / Area, Underground / Overhead Water Tanks, Electrical equipment like generators, inverters etc.

All these aspects create a harmonious environment specially needed for hospitals. Greenery / green belt around with right placements as per vastu norms, infrastructure and construction as per vedic vastu principles gives hospitals strength to give natural healing to patients and fast recovery to various diseases.