Vastu Consultancy – Vastu for Banks, Financial Institutions

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Bank means a financial institution, where transactions associated with money are involved. Lord Kubera is the lord and in-charge of all types of finances and he is the guardian of the related direction. The best entrance for a bank should be North. The Security and safety of the bank should be at the utmost priority as per vastu, just to prevent robbery or theft. The following aspects are to be considered in the Vastu Shashra of a bank:

Entrance of the bank, Manager cabin, Placement of Strong rooms, Placement of lockers, Placement of Cashier, Placement of CASH, Security Equipments, Counters & Staff, Waiting Area, Client Dealing Area, Water Sources, Colors Used in various areas, Toilets, Pantry, Payment Counter, Stairs, Filing Cabinets, Stationary, Placement of Junk, Placement of all Paper work.

All this will create a vastu rich environment good for accumulating money, savings and wealth of its clients, stabilizes wealth matters, prevent mishappenings, create more faith and reputation of the bank or financial institutions.