Vastu Consultancy – Vastu for Children, Child Growth

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Every parent is keen to see their child’s progress in every sphere of life while there are some negative things that every house has due to vastu defects which affects child’s behavior and mind. This mental stress / aura disturbance in the house can create indifferent behavior patterns obstructing overall growth of the child. Improper placement of things transforms children into little monsters, stubborn and will lack concentration, pushing their parents to get nervous and tensed. Points to be considered while doing vastu are as follows:

EAST Direction, Main Entrance, Main door, Bedrooms, Child’s Bedroom/Sleeping Bay/Sleeping Area, Toy Room, Play Area, Toilets, Washrooms/Bathrooms, Mandir/Temple Inside, Kitchen, Stairs, Store room, Water bodies, Color scheme, Geopathic stress, Hartmann Net, Curry Grid, Energy Patterns, CG & Space Element, Topography, Open Area, EM Wavelengths, Ghostly Activity, Ion Status, Stress Points, Air Quality, Aura of the House, etc.

Transforming your child’s room as per vedic vastu can give you positive results making your child obedient, progressive, healthy and responsive with overall good traits. It gives your child the most harmonious vastu environment around.