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In the recent times, many dwellings are observed as discontented and far away from happiness, peace and prosperity which is an obvious cause of vastu defect. Generally wrong placement of rooms, bed etc. and even petty things like keys without locks, non-working clocks, broken glasses etc. can hamper peace and prosperity. Hence, it is essential to check your dwelling for direction, placement and construction in corresponding to principles of vedic vastu because any vastu defect can obstruct your path to success, wealth, property and fortune. Points to be analyzed while considering finances and wealth are as follows:

Entrance, Surroundings, Strong Room/Locker, Placement of CASH, Security Equipment, Water Bodies, North & South, South East, Colors Used, Toilets, Pantry, Stairs, Junk/Clutter, Main door, Bedroom, Toilets, Washrooms/bathrooms, Mandir inside, North east, South west, Kitchen, Stairs, Store room, Water bodies, Color scheme, Geopathic stress, Hartmann Net, Curry Grid, Energy Patterns, CG & Space Element, Open Area, EM Wavelengths, Ghostly Activity, Ion Status, Lightings, Stress Points, Heavy Structures.

All this will create a vastu rich environment good for accumulating money, wealth and property by the residents hence stabilizing financial and wealth related matters.