Vastu Consultancy – Vastu for Pregnancy, Progeny, Child Birth, Childlessness

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A pregnant lady must never have her room in the south east direction. It is a proven fact that heat has great repercussions in pregnancy. Anything that increases a pregnant woman’s core body temperature can increase congenital anomalies specially during the first trimester. Normally, the basal body temperature of a woman is higher during pregnancy. Hence, it’s important to stay away from electronics such as the television, microwave or any other equipment which emits electro- magnetic energies. Points to be taken care of are as follows:

EAST Direction, NE to East Padas, Entrance, Main door, Bedroom, Toilets, Washrooms/Bathrooms, Mandir/Temple Inside, North east, South west, Kitchen, Stairs, Store room, Water bodies, Color scheme, Bedroom placements, Geopathic stress, Hartmann Net, Curry Grid, Energy Patterns, CG & Space Element, Topography, Open Area, EM Wavelengths, Ghostly Activity, Ion Status, Kitchen, Stress Points, Aura, Air Quality etc.