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There is a major difference between home and office vastu. And this difference is due to the lack of space available in modern offices. Due to this limited space constraint, we cannot apply all the ideal and recommended rules of vedic vastu. Hence, application of vastu becomes limited and it becomes difficult to harmonize the work place and get desired results.

All work places, commercial establishments and offices work on one thumb rule called FINANCIAL GAINS. So its important to create a layout which is commercially viable as well as vastu specific so that it can enhance a healthy corporate culture, employer employee relationship, trust factor, honesty and loyalty, employee and departmental efficiency, higher profits and growth, companies overall productivity, reputation and consistency in the market.

Main Points which WE consider before applying vedic vastu rules are:

Office Layout Analysis, Furniture Placements Analysis, Space Management Analysis, Complete Plot Analysis, Cutouts & Extensions Analysis, Aura Analysis, Energy Pattern Analysis, Geopathic Stress Analysis, Electromagnetic Waves Analysis, Hidden / Unseen Fault Analysis, Location and Direction Analysis, Surroundings and Outer Area Analysis, Clutter & Unwanted Elements Analysis, Placemental Changes Needed, Changes with & without Demolition, Natural & Man Made Vastu Fault Analysis, Evil Spirits and Ghostly Activities, Vastu Remedies & Solutions Analysis etc.