Vastu Consultancy – Vastu for Educational Institutions and Universities

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Educational Institutes are those places where energies play pivotal role in creating serene and positive environment thereby helping students & teachers to provide best results. Positive environment in every institute is necessary to make its students successful, dedicated and good learners. For this it is essential to construct this place Vastu compliant so that students can achieve good results in both studies as well as in other activities. Another important thing that every institute wants is goodwill which can be achieved undoubtedly following Vastu principles. Vastu for educational institutions is the most sensitive topic as it includes precision and right application of vastu principles which every other consultant cannot handle. The knowledge and professionalism needed for applying vedic vastu on educational institutions comes with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject. It is important in this context because the future of our youth and children of our country depends majorly on these types of institutions which we call in our culture as Vidya Mandirs.

Points to be considered are as follows:

Location of the Plot, Surroundings of the Plot, Overall Ambience, Design of the classrooms, Harmonious environment, Peaceful surroundings, Green belt around, Entrance of the building, Entrance of the Plot, Teachers Desk, Overhead Beams, Slopes and Obstacles, Toilets & Pantry, Library and various Placements, Canteen or Cafeteria, Principle’s Room / Office, Play Ground, Meeting Rooms, Conference Hall, Convocation Hall, Hostel Location, Staff Quarters, Parking Lot/Space.

Apart from these, there are various other aspects to be taken care of while applying vastu remedies, like placement of the temple within the campus, student’s furniture, administrative block, laboratory, electrical equipment, medical room, stairs, water tank, water disposal, septic tank, etc.