Vastu Consultancy – Vastu for Harmony, Peace & Prosperity

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It is highly recommendable to select and purchase a site that adheres to the rules and regulations of vastu which drives an individual to the path of richness and glory. One should always go in for a square shaped or a rectangular shaped plot and it is advisable to select a site, which has ninety degree angles at all the four corners. The perfect directional plot will have good power. To activate better peace and harmony these are the various factors to be taken care of:

Space, Open Area, North East & South West, North_North East & East should be well lit, open, light and spacious, South_South West & West should be dark, heavy, covered and cluttered, Elemental Placements, Placement of Mandir, Toilets, Washrooms, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Stairs, Entrance, Doors, Shape of the Plot, Size, Geopathic Stress, Hartmann Lines, CG, Space Element, Activation of the NE direction, Right Colors, Pressure Points, Cosmic Energy Patterns, Padas etc.

All these parameters when considered and rectified makes a dwelling more harmonious, peaceful and good for overall prosperity of the residents.