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There are many factors to be considered before constructing a building or your house on a plot of land. Some of the factors which are important from the Vastu shastra point of view for a plot are, from whom you buy the plot, direction of the plot, environment or surroundings of the plot, obstruction in front of the main gate of the plot etc. Easiest and most effective way to apply vedic vastu and its principles is to put all the Vedic Vastu Samagri and Ingredients specified for Neev / Neeven while digging the plot from the scratch. There are more than 21 things to be used which are prescribed to be placed as per the vedic rules of vastu in the right directions, at the specific spots and following a proper way / vidhi to complete the vastu of the vacant plot. There are various vastu packages for plots which differs as per its power, number of ingredients or vastu samagri and the size of the plot to be rectified.

These placements will make this dwelling vastu compliant and gives vastu benefits from the earth within. Construction on these plots will give its structure more strength and will be more viable as per vastu principles are concerned. Overall growth, progress, vastu compliancy, health & wealth, strength, spiritual connectivity, peace and harmony will be the main highlights and strengths of doing vastu on the plots, before the start of the construction over it.

Points to be analyzed and rectified for the plot includes:
Surroundings of the Plot, Soil Testing, Directional Analysis, Size of the Plot, Shape of the Plot, Obstructions around, Roads and pathways around, Blockages around, Sewer and electricity connections, Water Source, Adjacent Building structures, Public Places Around, Mukh/Face of the Plot.

Ideally one should make sure that the plot should not be anywhere around burial ground or shamshaan, closed / unused / abandoned structures for more than 1 year, crematoriums, temples / masjid / gurudwara / church, hospitals, shoe shops, meat shops, valley, large pits, tall buildings, high rising towers, lake, river, electric poles, power stations, electrical supply stations, power grids, factories, workshops, laundry, main roads, highway, busy roads, dead ends, t-points, public toilets, large dustbins, public bins, jungle area etc.