Vastu Consultancy – Vastu for Own Self

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You can feel more power and self-confidence with the application of Vedic Vastu at your home and workplace. Lack of self-confidence makes your decisions weaker, thus, causing instability of mind. Correct decision making power generally comes from self-confidence. If the CG or Brahma Sthaan and North is faulty or corrupted or imbalanced then you feel lack of confidence and power.

Brahma Sthaan, SW & NE direction, Your Bedroom, Your Transporting Vehicle, Your Personal Washroom & Toilet if any, Geopathic Stress & Pressure Points, Heavy Clutter, Cosmic Energy Patterns & Astro Color Therapy, Astro Numerology, Healing Crystal Placements, Pyramidology, Stairs, Entrance, Doors, Shape of the Plot, Size, Padas, Open Space, Elemental Placements, Hartmann Lines & Space Element.

Hence, overall vastu related to your own self and your occupant room, vehicle, office cabin etc. are important considerations while doing vastu for your own self. These should be vastu compliant, balanced, energy efficient, with positive aura and well lit.