Vastu Consultancy – Vastu for Luck and Satisfaction

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Here we activate your Luck and satisfaction through vedic vastu principles. Good Luck, happiness, good health and satisfaction are the most precious things one wants/desires in life. Home and work place is the best place to experience satisfaction or get satisfied. So its very important to have a harmonious environment. The points to be taken care of while activating the luck and satisfaction are as follows:

NE direction, Open Space, Elemental Placements, Placement of Mandir, Toilets, Washrooms, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Stairs, Entrance, Doors, Shape of the Plot, Size, Geopathic Stress, Hartmann Lines, CG, Space Element, N, NE & East should be well lit, open, light and spacious, South, South West & West should be dark, heavy, covered and cluttered, Padas, Right Colors, Pressure Points, Cosmic Energy Patterns, etc.

The vastu of your home and work place should be such which promotes and supports good luck and you should always feel satisfied living and working there. This can be achieved by applying certain vedic vastu principles for satisfaction and luck enhancement, hence, giving desired results.