Remedial Vastu Course – Regular Course





Be A Vastu Professional by Applying Accurate & Precise Vedic Vastu Remedies & Solutions for All Types of Problems.

This course of Remedial Vastu includes all types of possible remedies and solutions in vedic vastu shastra. Any one can apply these remedies at his/her home or shop or office. There is no need to be a vastu professional for applying and using these remedies. You can do it yourself without having any knowledge of vastu at all. Anybody even without any vastu knowledge can do this course. Everything will be provided by us. There is no need to refer any book. Our organization will also give complete product support and lifetime membership of vastu tree.

Contents to be covered in Remedial Vastu Course:


  • Remedies of Wrong Entrance
  • Remedies of Wrong Slopes
  • Remedies of Extensions
  • Remedies of Reductions
  • Remedies of Roads Around
  • Remedies of Surroundings
  • Remedies of Vidhisha/Vishudh Plots
  • Remedies for Drainage & Septic Tank
  • Remedies for Water Tank, Overhead WT
  • Remedies of Brahma Sthaan
  • Remedies for Toilets, Bathrooms & Attached TB
  • Remedies for Kitchen
  • Remedies for Mandir / Prayer Room
  • Remedies for Staircase
  • Remedies for Store Room
  • Remedies for Bedrooms, Master Bedroom
  • Remedies for Bedroom of Newly Wed Couple
  • Remedies for Bedroom of Head of the Family
  • Remedies for Bedroom of Unmarried Girls
  • Remedies for Study Room, Children Room
  • Remedies for Guest Room
  • Remedies for Drawing Room / Dining Room
  • Remedies for Garage
  • Remedies for Basement
  • Remedies for verandah
  • Remedies for Office
  • Remedies for Shops
  • Remedies for Cash Box, Tijori, Locker
  • Remedies for Strong Room
  • Remedies for Neeven or the Base of the Plot
  • Remedies for Overhead Beams
  • Remedies for House Surrounded by Big Buildings
  • Remedies for Large Factories & Industrial Units
  • Remedies for Large Open Compounds
  • Remedies for Large Housing Societies
  • Remedies for Large Unconstructed Plots
  • Remedies for Unwanted Open Spaces
  • Remedies for Unwanted Closed Spaces


It contains remedies as per Problems like:

  • Remedies for Money, Finances, Income & Depression
  • Remedies for Good Health & its related issues
  • Remedies for Peace & Harmony
  • Remedies for Childbirth/Childlessness/Progeny
  • Remedies for Name, Fame & Recognition, Low Social Life
  • Remedies for Marital Issues / Delay in Marriage / Divorce etc.
  • Remedies for Child Education, Low Energy Levels
  • Remedies for Career, Business, Job, Litigations, Higher Education & Professional Studies
  • Remedies for Mood Swings, Female Diseases, Problems to Females
  • Remedies for Digestion, Stomach and Metabolism related Issues
  • Remedies for Instability and Fluctuations, Unnecessary Fights, Deaths etc.
  • Remedies for Unknown Problems & Issues, Unexpected Incidents, Sudden Death / Disease / Accidents etc.


  • Remedies as per Directions:
  • Remedies for Healing North East
  • Remedies for Healing East
  • Remedies for Healing South East
  • Remedies for Healing South
  • Remedies for Healing South West
  • Remedies for Healing West
  • Remedies for Healing North West
  • Remedies for Healing North
  • Remedies for Healing Brahma Sthaan


Types of Remedies Used:

  • Astrological Remedies
  • Spiritual Remedies
  • Remedial Rudrakshas
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Colour Therepy
  • Astro Numerology
  • Pyramidology
  • Remedy by Yantras
  • Natural Remedies
  • Installation of Tools, Instruments & Devices

Who Can Do this Course?
Anybody who has completed 10th Class can do this course. No need of having any Vastu Knowledge. You can be a professional & Earn well after completing this course from