Palmistry Course – Distance Learning Course



Duration ⇒ 1 Month

Hands say almost everything about a person. Every person has lines on his/her hands which depicts the person’s character, thinking, behavior, etc.

Through the study of palmistry it is easy to understand persons around you only by analyzing their hands. Palmistry is a science in which the lines in the hands of person chances with the thinking process of their mind.

Example: A long hand, a short hand, nails, lines, mounts, life line, heart line, fingers, palms, etc.

Contents to be covered in PALMISTRY Course:

  1. A Defense Of Palmistry
  2. Fingers
  3. Shapes Of Hands & Fingers
  4. The Thumb
  5. The Palm
  6. The Nails
  7. The Hair On The Hands
  8. The Hands Of Different Races & Nations
  9. The Mounts
  10. On Reading The Hands
  11. The Line Of Life
  12. The Line Of Children
  13. The Line Of Head
  14. The Line Of Heart
  15. The Line Of Sun
  16. The Line Of Fate
  17. The Line Of Health
  18. The Line Of Marriage
  19. The Square
  20. The Cross
  21. The Star
  22. Travel, Voyages And Accidents
  23. The Island, The Circle, The Spot
  24. How To Make Clear Impression Of Hands
  25. Some Interesting Hands
  26. Determine Date & Time Of Events