Astrology Course – Distance Learning Course



Duration ⇒ 1 Month

Every person reacts & behaves according the planetary situations in his/her horoscope. Everything happening is our lives is directly related to our stars i.e. horoscope.

Astrology is a science through which you can predict the stars in your horoscope and your loved ones. With the help of astrology you can apply astrological remedies in your live to prevent future misshaping or to get things working according to your wishes.

Example: car accidents, problem in pregnancy, marital issues, financial problems, black magic, child weak in education, family disputes, health issues, delay in marriage, etc.

Contents to be covered in ASTROLOGY Courses:

  1. Casting of Horoscope
  2. Basics of Astrology
  3. Longevity and Death
  4. Hints of Judgment
  5. Educational and Financial Prospects
  6. Personal Appearance, Character and Mind, Health and Disease
  7. Parents, Brothers, Enemies and Debts
  8. Means of Livelihood
  9. Transits or Gochara
  10. Marriage and Children
  11. Horary or Answering Questions
  12. Timing Events