Life Beyond Death Course – Distance Learning Course



Duration ⇒ 1 Month

Contents to be covered in Life beyond Death Course:

1.Journey to the realms of death
•Death-transitions into other world
•The law of correspondences
•Causes and effect
•Awake- Dream- sleep cycle and death
•The etheric body
•The moments after death
2.The astral world
•Astral plane principles
•Astral sub-planes
•Group souls
•Entities and astral plane
•Astral death and rebirth on the mental plane
•Journeying to planes below the soul’s plane
3.The mental world
•Mental plane principles
•Subplanes of the mental plane
•Mental plane inhabitants
•Death of the mental body
4.The casual plane
•Casual plane principles
•Subplanes of the casual plane
•Rebirth- its causes and mechanism
6.Beyond rebirth
•Over-view of the higher planes
7.Links between the living and those beyond
8.Truth- as thought by master ramana
•Reincarnation and reality
•Who am I?