Handwriting Analysis Course – Distance Leaning Course



Contents to be covered in Handwriting Analysis:

1.Getting your hands wet
•Fun quiz
•Explanations of answers

•What does getting the right answer mean?

2.The science of graphology
•Handwriting as “Brain Prints”
•Science quiz
•Graphology and the three facets of man
•Graphology deductions: the five ways they are made

•Summary: graphology as a science

3.An in-depth look at some specific handwriting traits
•A few things to know before getting started
•Printing vs. connected writing
•Connecting strokes


4.Personality characteristics
•High vs. low functioning intelligence
•Extroversion vs introversion
•Strong vs. weak work drive

•Honesty vs. dishonesty

5.Trying your hand at it

•Your first analysis

6.The uses of graphology
•Graphology and psychology
•Graphology and social work
•Graphology and medicine
•Graphology and education
•Graphology and business
•Graphology and personal uses

•Graphology and crime solving

7.Graphology and your life
•The future of graphology
•Those last few tidbits
•Analyzing your own handwriting

•Where do you go from here?

8.A bit about doodles