Dream Interpretation Course – Distance Learning Course



Duration ⇒ 1 Month

Every person see dreams while sleeping and each & every dream represents something which is related to our daily life which we have no idea.

Here is a course on dream interpretation to understand the power of dreams you see while sleeping and decode its meaning which is giving you some guidance which is coming from higher energies.

Example: natural disasters, being naked, snake, bear, cow, god, angel, heaven, devil, death, etc.

Contents to be covered in DREAM INTERPRETATION Course:

  1. Starting with the Body
  2. How to Interpret your Dream
  3. Dream, Wisdom
  4. Universal Dream, Experiences
  5. People in your Life
  6. Natural Phenomena
  7. All Creature Great & Small
  8. Trees, Flowers and Plants
  9. Spiritual Connections
  10. Made by Humans
  11. Dream Dictionary & Record Book