Astro Color Therapy Course – Regular Course





Colors are the important part of everyone’s life. Colors give a specific impression on our minds when we see them. Every color has its own healing energies.

Colors also affect the way we react to things. With the help of colors you can heal various things in your life and your loved ones.

Example: white color gives peace, treatment of diseases with the help of colors, colors in days, etc.

Contents to be covered in COLOR THERAPY Course:

  • Introduction
  • Introduction of Astro Color Therapy
    • Origin & Founder of Astro Color Therapy
    • The Primary Colors
    • The Color Spectrum
    • Concept of “RGB & CMYK”
    • Color Mixing & Shades
    • Concept of Light & Shadows
    • Representing Numbers of Astro Color Therapy
    • Representing Planets of Astro Color Therapy
    • Representing Directions of Astro Color Therapy
    • Representing Elements of Astro Color Therapy
    • Representing Alphabets of Astro Color Therapy
    • Concept of 2-10 & 2-12 in Astro Color Therapy
    • Characteristics & Features of various colors Astro Color Therapy
    • Other colors- mixture of various colors & their representing planets
    • VIBGYOR & Astro Color Therapy
    • VIBGYOR, Chakras & Astro Color Therapy
    • Colors & their Healings Powers
    • Representing crystals, rudrakshas & spiritual products of Astro Color Therapy
    • Chakras & its Colors
    • Color Affirmations
    • Color in Music
    • Colors in Alphabets
    • Colors in Aromas
    • Colors in Chanting
    • Colors in Fashion
    • Colors in Interiors
    • Colors in Relationships
    • Colors in Silk
    • Colors of the Days