Aroma Therapy Course – Distance Learning Course



Duration ⇒ 1 Month

Aroma therapy is about the fragrances that can be used in healing purposes. Aromatherapy is a new way to relieve your stress, anxiety, fear, etc.

Aromas have their own healing properties which will help you heal according to the choice of aromas you make. Aromas can be used in many ways in your day to day life and you can get the healing properties of it every day and make your life happy, harmonious and peaceful.

Example: aromas can be used in baths, diffusers, room sprays, cooking, cleaning products, etc. aromas for beauty, moods and emotions, aromas for massage and relaxation, aromas for healing, aromas for mind and spirit, etc.

Contents to be covered in AROMATHERAPY Course:

    1. Introduction
      • Essential Oils
      • How Essential Oils Used?
      • Aromatherapy As Healing
      • Methods Of Extraction Of Essential Oils
      • What Benefits Of Aromatherapy
      • Are Essential Oils?
      • How Essential Oil Works?
      • Blending Of Essential Oils
      • Using Essential Oils
    2. Directory Of Essential Oils
    3. Essential Oils In Common Use
    • List Of Essential Oils
    • Hazardous Essential Oil
    • Exotic Essential Oil
  1. Using Aromatherapy
    • Aromatherapy For Mind And Spirit
    • Aromatherapy For Moods & Emotions
    • Aromatherapy For Healing
    • How To Use Using Aromatherapy
    • Aromatherapy For Beauty
    • Aromatherapy Massage For Relaxation