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Good and bad omen by Animals & Birds

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Good and bad omen by Animals & Birds
* There is a feeling that the house dove, crow, owl, hawk, bats inhabited not fair. It is surrounded by wealth losses and individual concerns.
* If the eagle lived in a residence of the person in society influence or terror will grow, but will not accumulate wealth, but the situation will be hard up. If the eagle falls wounded in the house of the family of any large person would suffer fatal.
* Home of the owl sitting on the parapets were defined as indicating that fewer home. Lack of funds, will suffer physical pain and even death may occur.
* Residence in the home of black or blue bird is an indicator of poverty, while the cuckoo’s cry, sit around the house a Pedkr pointers in the future are considered. Cuckoo East or North facing speaks of the family fame, prestige and money rises.
* Early morning crow on coping is snapped, it signals the arrival of the beloved person. An impressive figure when he spoke before facing it. Then comes the rich man said, facing north. If so, crow, meat, fish or bone growing concerns that the fall in house.
* If any bird in the house by silver, copper, jewelry or any metal jewelry to fall leads to the godsend. The decision is in favor of lawsuits. Gold benefits from dropping by the bird with anxiety and happiness.
* Peacock dance at home is very good. Keka indicating pleasure in the sound of the peacock family, peacock on Kandran distress signals.
* Sit or Mnderaan eagle-vulture arrived at home so it is ominous.
* Creating a hive of bees in the house is good, while moths and locusts entering the House brings controversy and discord.
* Any unintended bird came falling and dying in the courtyard of a major crisis indicates.
* Bunting or small bird collected and understand that if the noise is around a venomous creatures.
* The interior room of ants crawling on the roof of moving money, property and prestige information while red ants do harm.
* Cry of the cat or dog is a sign of deep crisis or death.
* Horse and elephant happily Hinhinaa Jume it augurs.
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