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Gomti Chakra

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Gomti Chakra
Gomti is a stone circle
System functions are used. It is very simple but it is very impressive-looking stone. Some of its use are:
1. If you fall pregnant again two Gomti circle in red cloth tied at the waist tie womb stops falling.
2. If a court outside the home while Gomti cycle by placing it on the right foot if there is success in the courts that day.
3. If the enemy has increased the number of characters is the name of the enemy on the enemy by naming the more Gomati Chakra Leekr buried in the ground to give them the enemy will be defeated.
4- If the differences in the couple’s home in the south with three Gomati Chakra Hlun Bljad Fend saying let the differences will disappear.
5- If you’re not promoting a Gomati Chakra ascended to the Shiva temple Shiva and pray to the true heart. Indeed, will open the way to promotion.
7- If Debbie vermilion red circle in Gomti in the house so there is peace in the house. Holi cycle while pronouncing the name of the enemy by burning a little vermilion Throw in Holly. Your enemies will become friends.
9- someone Holi 7 Gomti cycle over twenty meters of cloth tied Utarkr your whole family in a living waters Throw it in a way to protect your family’s psychic armor will undertake.
10 Gomti cycle four tie with the patient’s bed in a few days, then the patient will be healthy. The full recovery of the patient in the morning they let people buried under the trees.
If you cycle 11- 11 Gomti vault wrapped in yellow robes Keep this day in a year filled vault
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