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Astrology Tips
According to astrology, the nine habits honoring Improve your home – life
1) If you have the habit of spitting anywhere then it is sure that you kudos, respect is too hard to find, if not ever bow. came only during the wash basin now! Fame, prestige will be boosting.
2) Those who leave their Juti plate or utensils are used at the same place, they are not permanent success ever.!
Many people have to work and earn a good name.! If you picked the right place to put your stale pots moon and Saturn have come to respect you! It rose compote hurdles are overcome.
3) No one from outside our house, whether to work or a guest, it will surely Feed clean water!
By doing so, we respect the Rahu.!
Those who are coming from outside people always drink clean water in their home does not make any side effects of Rahu.! When suddenly the pain-crisis fall.
4) House plants are similar to your own family members, love them and require little care.!
The house is watered twice a day, then Mercury, the Sun and the Moon with respect to the potential gain is able to stem the tide of troubles! The comfort that comes from troubles.
5) Those who come from outside of your slippers, shoes, socks are thrown back and forth, their enemies are the big upset.!
To avoid this, keep putting your footwear carefully, your reputation will continue.
6) Those Rahu and Saturn will deteriorate, while those who leave their bed, his bed would always spread, will more folds, sheet somewhere, anywhere pillow, blanket somewhere?
He is wearing his old clothes to people who are spreading! The whole routine of people who do not ever settle, because of which they are also upset and annoy others.!
To avoid this, raise your own bed only absorb it.! Life will go amazingly beautiful.
7) pedicures, we should give special attention to people all the time, many people forget that a lot of us! Bathing, wash your feet well, ever come out of the mouth and then five minutes to stop and wash the feet.!
You will find that your own it will be less irritability, brain power and anger Bdehgi
Gradually will become less.! Anand said.
8) day upon returning home empty-handed from the house Lakshmi goes slowly and the household members or negative expressions of despair begin to appear.!
In contrast to some object while returning home Barkat continues to bring him home.!
The house is occupied by Lakshmi.! Bring something everyday home is considered an indicator of growth.!
In a house happiness, prosperity and wealth is always growing and living at home, members are promoted too.!
9) Do not leave garbage at all. Determined. Quite decide. Never will not be short of money.
Otherwise the risk of nine times nine houses will hover poor. Nothing ever ever. Will be forced to work and when and where will the money would not be.
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