Vastu Tree gives Holistic Trainings to people to prepare their Intellect to manage Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Financial parts of life. It has likewise differentiated into preparing Communication and Professional Effectiveness Skills of people to address the difficulties of life at work and home. Vastu Tree is Educating Vastu and Giving knowledge into the foundations of its Emergence. Mission of Vastu Tree is to create awareness to Ancient Vedic Science of Vastu in each home, office and life of Individuals. Aim of Vastu Tree is to make Millions of Vastu Professional all through the world and make this as a basic part of Architecture, Real Estate and Construction and a wide range of Designing Units and make Vastu Compliant Structures and Interiors around the world. Vastu Tree Pioneers in the study of Predictive Vedic Vastu and providing Remedies Without Demolition. Vastu Tree imparts Holistic Training to Individuals to groom their Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Financial aspects of life. Read More 


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VASTU CONSULTATION: In Sanskrit, Vaastu means to build environment, a surrounding and Shastra means a perfect system. Hence, Vastu Shastra is an ancient method of living harmoniously with the Nature. The word Vastu came from the Vastva, which means anything that provides shelter. It is the science and study of the empathy between human mind, body and soul along in existence with our galaxy or space. Vastu Shaastra tell the methods for building any kind of shelter that have natural & organic environment due to the combined positive effects of the five elements called Punch Mahaabhutaa. It is an art which includes and applies principles of space, element, energy, direction, shape, size, position, the environment around etc. Vastu Shastra incorporates the techniques to choose right directions, placements and positioning of various aspects related to a dwelling. Knowledge of vastu has been incorporated from all the Vedas and Puranaas, also called the sacred text books of Hindus and is believed to be around thousands of years old. That is why it is called Vedic Vastu Read More

REGULAR COURSES: Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happinessVastu is the science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material. Vastu Shastra is creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elementscalled “Paanchbhootas” of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment Read More

ONLINE COURSES / DISTANCE LEARNING VASTU COURSES: Be A Vastu Professional by Applying Accurate & Precise Vedic Vastu Remedies & Solutions for All Types of Problems. This course of Remedial Vastu includes all types of possible remedies and solutions in vedic vastu shastra. Any one can apply these remedies at his/her home or shop or office. There is no need to be a vastu professional for applying and using these remedies. You can do it yourself without having any knowledge of vastu at all. Anybody even without any vastu knowledge can do this course. Everything will be provided by us. There is no need to refer any book. Our organization will also give complete product support and lifetime membership of vastu tree Read More

ASTROLOGY CONSULTATION: Vedic Astrologers and Astrological Predictions and Consultation. ASTROLOGY CONSULTATION REPORTS & REMEDIAL ASTROLOGY PACKAGES. (Select a Package, Pay For It, Send Us Your Birth Details & Rest Will Be Done By Us. We have a team of qualified professional vedic astrologers who will assess & analyze your horoscope/kundli thoroughly and email the professional & remedial astrology reports to you in 3 to 7 working days.). For Professional Astrological Advice, Remedies and Solutions for your day to day problems and issues, consult our World Renowned Astrologers by prior appointment. You will be given professional astrological advice, solutions and remedies with precise and accurate forecast. Consult for Problems like Health, Money, Job/Business, Marriage, Profession, Married Life Troubles, Pregnancy, Children, Studies, Relationships, Depression, Assets, Property, Enemy, Court Cases, Divorce, Re-Marriage, Partnerships, Diseases, Luck, Profitability, Travel, Expenses, Satisfaction etc.  Read More

BLOGS: Vastu Remedies for Kitchen. Vastu of Kitchen. And its drawback as per different directions. One of the biggest questions raised in Vastu is Where Should Kitchen be Placed while planning for a new house/dwelling. And everybody knows the answer i.e. in SE Corner, the Agneya Kone. But there are other FAQs, which are as follows: #. WHICH IS THE 2nd BEST DIRECTION FOR KITCHEN? There is no 2nd best direction for kitchen. The best one is SE only i.e. Aagneya Kona. But in case if you have issues n cant construct it there, then the other one can be East. But there will be side effects as well. Food may get over cooked or burn sometimes. It can give stomach / digestion issues to the children of the house. #. What if Kitchen is in any other Direction? Kitchen in NE will make you shameless, residents will stop worshipping n believing in god, stop respecting elders n each other. It will reduce luxuries, peace n harmony. Create mental disorders, results in fights & problems to male members. Kitchen in North will give heavy financial losses, instability of mind, monetary issues, and as said “vinaash kaale vipreet budhi”. Will also give stomach, digestion, & brain related diseases n issues Read More

OUR FACULTY: Dr. Pankaj Verma is a world famous astrologer, vastu shastri, also known as “Remedy King” and carries more than 23+ years of professional experience in various fields of astrology and vastu. He is widely known for his accurate and precise predictions in astrology and vedic vastu shastra, specializes in reading horoscopes, providing precise remedial measures in vastu and astrology on various issues of life. He is a TV Celebrity too, who has featured on National TV Channels like Saadhna, Pragya, Home Shop 18, Divya, Ishwar, Disha etc. He has also endorsed some jewellery & zodiac gemstone brands on Home Shop 18 Channel. He is into professional consultancy of Vedic Vastu Shastra with expertise in identification of vital points of Vaastu Purush in any Plot / Land / Building, in Map Designing and Architectural Designing with Vaastu Norms. His Vastu Remedial Kits have shown some precise results in Vastu Defects & Vastu Dosh Nivaran. His Vastu Remedies are very precise, with a result oriented approach, in conjunction with age old vedic vastu Shastra techniques and modern scientific vastu tools and remedies. He has also contributed many articles on Vaastu and Astrology published in various leading Astro Magazines. Recently, he has also been honored with an AWARD of PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE in Astrology & Vastu in November 2015 & Best Astrologer Award in March 2016. He is a featured astrologer and vastu consultant with times of india group and on many online spiritual portals and platforms Read More

OUR CLIENTS: Our clients (Domestic and International). (Due to Privacy of the Clients, we cannot disclose the Brand Name/ Company Name of the Clients). We are associated with more than 500 clients in India – Delhi and NCR, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, J & K, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, etc. and in abroad – USA, UK, UAE, Bangkok, Krabi, Phuket, Pattaya, Philippines (Manila and Cebu), Nepal, Sri Lanka, Latvia, etc. Vastu Consultancy for Residential Dwellings : Residents require vastu shastra in their life so as to lead a happy, harmonious, prosperous life with their loved ones. Vastu Consultancy for Corporate Offices : Vastu in corporate offices is necessary for a healthy and peaceful working environment. Vastu helps in getting better business growth and opportunities. Vastu Consultancy for Landscapers / Florists : Landscapers require vastu so as to place the right plants or tree in directions as per vastu to have their healing effects. Read More

WHY VASTU FROM US: Vastu Shastra has been evolved for the benefit of Mankind. It is very essential & beneficiary for all communities. It’s the Key to Success in matters of Health, Wealth and Prosperity. We can find Vastu principles embedded in all forms of religion & cultures. Study of Vastu is found in all Religious Books and Historic Literatures. Career Prospects after Vastu CourseBenefits of Learning Vedic Vastu Shastra: Self Rectification, Can practice as a Professional, Social Service/ Vastu Advice for benefit of mankind, Spiritual Connect, Understanding Energy Patterns & Cosmic Energies, Understanding Chakras & their importance in Vastu & Life, Utilization of Energy, Channelization of High Energy Source, Rectification of a Dwelling, Importance of Application of Colours, Mental Peace & Harmony Read More

FAQs: Q) Where shall be the main gate/door of the house? Ans: The main door of the house should be either in East or in North direction. As per Vedic Vastu Shastra we can place main door for entrance in any of the 4 directions in a residence or commercial place. While placing the door, we should take care of the direction & its placement, as it requires the minute calculations. It should also be checked, whether the direction chosen suits the owner of the house or not. However for a layman, N & E directions are recommended as they are positive direction & are safe directions. Though, one should consult a proficient, professional Vastu ConsultantQ) Which Direction is the ideal for keeping the toilet? Ans: The toilet should be placed in either, West of North West (WNW) or in South of South West (SSW)Q) What Colour should be used to prevent the house from any diseases? Ans: Colours are very important & makes very deep effect on person’s physiology & behaviour but it alone cannot fully eradicate the diseases in a house. Though the ‘Colour- Therapy’ is also used as one of the helping tool in Vastu Remedy. Diseases occur due to Vastu defects & movement of stars, which can be treated or cured through Vastu Therapies. Too much of Red, Orange colours are not good for residence. The dark shades could be used only in little quantity to create a change of mood of a place. Q) Which Direction the house should be located? Ans: When we ask for “Which direction a house should be located” we mean ‘Which is the right direction for a house to face’? The best direction is East facing for a house, then the North direction & then any other direction as per other considerations. The mode of the livelihood of the persons living in the house is also one of the major factor for the determination of ‘Facing of the House’.
East/ North facing house with good opening in front of the house, is considered as the best direction. There’s a Saying that having South facing house is dangerous & harmful for the residents, it’s a myth. I have seen many houses where they have a South facing house & are better off then before. Eg. The alcoholic owner, left drinking after shifting in a South facing house. Thus saying any direction is bad is not right Read More